Control access to your application without user signup. makes it easy to offer free or paid usage quota for features and convert active users to paying users.

No User Management
Auto identification

Users are uniquely identified without registering

Give free access
Per period

Allow users to consume a limited amount of your product per day/week/month...

Increase conversion
E-Mail Signup

Users can increase quota by e-mail list signup

One time payment

Users can increase quota by one time payment

Sign-Up Redirect

Redirect users to your pâid signup page when their quota is depleted

Do you want to let your users try your product for a limited amount of times?

By embedding a small piece of javascript code in your website, you can control daily limits to your functionality, and allow your users to use more if they subscribe to your e-mail list or make a small payment.

List of websites to launch your product.

An example of how can be used to give people free access to a limited nr of items from a list or spreadsheet and allow them to get the full list when they signup to your newsletter.

A sample using prime numbers

An example of how can be used to give people free access to a limited nr of items with purely frontend html and javascript.


Frequently Asked Questions

The basic use of is free. If you use our stripe payment integration, we take 1% of any payments processed through our platform.

There's a minimal amount of javascript and html code involved.

You need to be able to understand where to paste the correct code.

Payments are handled through stripe connect. All you need to do is connect your stripe account and we'll handle the rest.